**WEBCAST** At Home Tone - Full Body Resistance Band Workout - International

08/18/2020 01:30 PM - 02:15 PM CT




Join us each week and for a full body workout utilizing resistance bands. Each participant will receive a set of resistance bands, foot cuffs and a door anchor with your registration for this four week program. Summer is around the corner so let's tone those bodies!





You MUST Register to receive the confirmation email with the  link to participate!

*** Resistance band package will be sent to your home or preferred address following your registration for the 4-week series. Please make sure your address is correct on your account profile.


Ramp up your strength training with our tailored full body weekly workouts. Resistance bands are a great form of exercise adding extra tension on your muscles as they help to sculpt areas that are often hard to hit, while increasing overall strength. This workout can be done standing up or sitting down and no prior experience needed. We will start the first session with a tutorial of how the equipment should be used for those that are new to resistance band training. After our workout, we will have a question and answer time so you can interact with the trainers and fellow community members. 


This work class will take place using the platform . You will be able to see and interact live with your instructor and fellow participants.



1) Water Bottle

2) Resistance band set

3) Chair

4) Anchor point (doorway, couch or any solid structure)


**Participants must be able to follow directions and effectively communicate with or without assistance provided by themselves to be eligible for Adaptive Adventures programs**

Questions: Greg@adaptiveadventures.org

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