Puerto Rico Caribbean VA Hospital Cycling Intensive Clinics - Puerto Rico

04/20/2018 10:00 AM - 04/27/2018 03:30 PM CT


Puerto Rico VA Hospital
San Juan, PR
United States of America
Building Number: Outside Front Door


Customized program for Caribbean VA Hospital and Recreation Therapy
at Puerto Rico VA Hospital


You must register to particpate in any way with this customized series with the VA system and Adaptive Adventures collaborative event. 

Description of Program: Participants meet with the Puerto Rico VA Hospital CTRS and Adaptive Adventures staff individually to assess safety, cycling abilities, endurance level, and proper fitting of equipment (upright, tandem, trike or handcycle).  Small group treatment/curriculum sessions will include discussions on benefits of exercise, motivational techniques (i.e. charting progress in time, distance and/or terrain), training and practice on cycling skills, traffic etiquette, safety and dealing with emergencies or mechanical failures. Cycling groups will consist of learning about and engaging in opportunities in the home communities. The goal of the cycling program is for each participant to be at a functionally independent level for participation in community cycling.  

Expected Outcomes:

  1. Physical: improved/maintained overall fitness, balance, coordination, gross motor function, visual spatial skills, strength, endurance, coordination, range of motion
  2. Social: increased social interaction, social appropriateness, improve cooperation/competition skills
  3. Cognitive: increased ability to follow/perform multiple steps, improved receptive and expressive communication, safety awareness, processing speed, knowledge of activity benefits and adaptation
  4. Emotional: improved mood and self-esteem, decreased symptoms of depression, stress and anxiety
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