Bayamón Adaptive Hike-Puerto Rico

03/16/2023 09:30 AM - 11:30 AM AT


Julio Enrique Monagas National Park
Bayamón, PR 00934
United States of America


Join our Climbing Manager, Craig DeMartino as he leads you on a hike outdoors. He will educate and assist on getting around obstacles and discuss general trail etiquette as he leads you over various terrain.


Let's get outside together! Researchers have found that there are important mental and physical health benefits to spending time outside. Anyone, but particularly someone living with the limitations of a disability, can benefit from the mood boost and other health effects of being in the fresh air. Just five minutes spent being active outside, causes significant improvements in self-esteem, mood, and depression. Studies have found that even an easy walk in a park or any natural area outdoors can reduce signs of depression in the brain. Sunlight is also proven to boost mood and reduce depression and anxiety. So, let's get outdoors! What to Bring/Wear Breathable/Moisture Wicking Clothes Comfortable/Supportive Shoes Water Bottle Sunscreen For Questions please contact Craig DeMartino at:
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